How to Play Nibbler Rescue

All around the world animals are at risk of becoming extinct, because of humans. The gamer that plays this game has to defeat human threats to the nibblers and save them from extinction. The three levels of the game Nibbler Rescue are Poachers, Habitat Destruction, and Pioneer Species. To win the game, the gamer must defeat all levels.


            First, the gamer enters the wood for level one, Poachers. He/She come across a poacher outpost. Poachers are hunters who illegally hunt animals, when they’re protected by law. They have created a camp in the woods and are about to set off and hunt the threatened nibblers, an animal protected by law. The nibblers are endangered, because they are at risk of becoming extinct, due to poachers hunting them for their meat and skin, also called hide. The gamer shoots all of the poachers with their avatar, the League Hero. Shooting the poachers sends them to jail for hunting the protected nibblers. After defeating all poachers and collecting all points, the gamer then proceeds through the forest and finds the goal block. Congrats to the gamer on defeating the first level of my game.


            Next, the gamer comes across a giant farming cooperation, which means they have reached level two, Habitat Destruction. These large farms have destroyed part of the nibbler’s habitat, the outskirts of the forest. With the farms taking over, the nibblers can’t reach their food source of leaves and grass. The gamer has to shoot all of the farmers, which means that the farmers get fired from their job. Make sure you do  not shoot the nibblers. With all of the farmers gone, the cooperation has to shut down. Although the farm gets shut down, the old nibbler’s habitat is unsalvageable, many nibblers die, while the rest retreat to their last wild stronghold, Nibbler Mountain. Once the gamer has fragged all of the farmers, they have to reach the goal block to win level two, Habitat Destruction. The gamer then travels to Nibbler Mountain for the final level.


            Finally, the gamer makes it to level three, Pioneer Species. In this level, hikers have brought there old pet dinosaurs and let them loose at Nibbler Mountain; they have gotten too big to keep. The invading dinosaurs are carnivores, which mean they will attempt to feast on the nibblers. The enemy dinosaurs are pioneer species, which means they are not native to the forest where the nibblers live. Pioneer species often make established ecosystems go out of whack, by eliminating a food source for other animals. The gamers’ job is to frag the enemy dinosaurs and save the nibblers from being eaten, while collecting all points (Hint: Don’t shoot the nibblers). You have to save at least 6 nibblers to save their population, if you fail, the nibblers become extinct, or gone forever. The gamer is triumphant to Nibbler Rescue if they beat level three, Pioneer Species.


            In the end, by beating this game, the gamer has stopped the human threats to the nibblers. If the gamer has beaten this game, he/she have conquered all levels, Poachers, Habitat Destruction, and Pioneer Species. Beating these levels and saving the nibblers leaves the gamer that plays Nibbler Rescue on Gamestar Mechanic victorious.

The Adventures of……Aqua Knight

Hello, my name is Aqua Knight, and I am a super villain of the ocean. I travel by the world’s oceans, all 4 of them. In my teen years, I strangeled someone to death, just because he got on my nerves. It all went down from there. I started killing all of the people  I hated. Then, it started being everyone I layed eyes on. I had no friends, I was on my own. I worked my way up to the top of the  F.B.I.’s Most Wanted List. It seemed like all I did was run from the cops. The one strange thing was, I got away from the cops half of the time by swimming away. I would run through the park, and dive into the ocean, and swim away.

One day, I was running around town, and was exhausted, so I went to an abandoned park and cooled off in the fountain. When I got out of the fountain, I picked up a stone and threw it. I couldn’t believe how far I threw it, it must have went 3,000 feet. I went out to the steet, and picked up a parked car and threw it at a building. I couldn’t believe it, the fountain gave me super-strength. I slapped myself in the face to see if I was dreaming, that was not smart. I flew into the air and came  down with such force, that I cracked the road. I went down to the beach to test myself in the water. I stepped into the waves and started swimming. I was amazed again, I swam so fast, I created a wake like a motorboat. I was astonished, I now had the powers of super-strength and now super swimming speed. I swam back to shore to go over what had just happened. I rose my arms in victory, and two jet-streams of water came rising out of the water. I moved my arms towards a male citizen, the water hit him with such force, it knocked the man off his feet. I rose my arms again and aimed towards another person, same result. I now had all three of my super powers, super speed, super-strength, and the ability to control water. With these powers, I wiped out waves of people, and destroyed towns. I was beginning to feel like a supervillain, so I went with it. At my house, I designed my outfit. I created a lightweight set of knight’s armour that would be able to withstand the ocean. I decided I kneeded a weapon, so a 5 foot golden trident was my choice. My new outfit could stand diving deep into the ocean,  it was bullet proof, and it allowed me to move at high speeds. I also created a helmet to resemble a sea predator. To finish my outfit, I painted over the metalic silver with blue and orange. All that was left to complete me being an ocean villain was, a name. I came up with the name Aqua Knight, a killer of both land and sea. I started destroying major cities and their people, by hitting them with tidal waves. I kill people in the ocean by shifting the currentand getting sucked to see, to be swallowed by a massive whirlpool. On land, I hunt people down with my trident, and by throwing other heavy objects at them.

Within 2 years, I have become a cold-blooded villain, made for killing. My adventures have only just started.


SSR Project: Plot Analysis

Title: The Gift

Author: James Patterson

# of pages: 333

Plot Analysis

Setting: The Gift takes place in a city, and in the country. In the city, people who agree with the New Order laws live there. The Freeland is the country part of the New Order. People in the Freeland protest against the laws of the New Order. It takes place in the future, after a government takes over the world. “How we explain that we executed Wisteria Allgood and then, moments later, we suddenly happened to be chasing another red-haired teenage witch through the city plaza Pg 23.” This describes the setting of the book.

Characters: The protagonists of The Gift are Whit and Wisty Allgood. The antagonists of the book are The One and the New Order Society. Whit and Wisty try to kill The One, and take down the New Order. Pg 5 “My name is Whit Allgood. I guess you’ve heatd of me and my sister, Wisty, and of the crazy stuff that’s happened to us.” This tells the reader that the main characters are Whit and Wisty. “Imagine that all the things you love most in the world-and probably take for granted-are not banned. Your books, music, movies, art…. all snatched away. Burned. That’s life under the New Order, the so-called government-or brutal totalitiarian regime-that’s taken over this world Pg 5.” This tells the reader that Whit and Wisty absolutely despise the New Order. “I know him; I despise him. The One Who Is The One Pg 11.” This states that The One is the enemy of Whit and Wisty.

Conflict: The conflict of The Gift is, Whit and Wisty are witch and wizards, who can use powerful magic, and The One wants their powers. He also wants them dead to protect the New Order. Whit and Wisty have to avoid The One as best as they can, because The One already has an extreme amount of power that can easily kill someone. Pg 12 “The One just vaporized my sister …….. and that monster, without any hint of conscience, doesn’t even seem to have broken a sweat.” (Wisty isn’t the one who got killed, it was her friend Margo)

Climax: The climax of The Gift would be when the New Order Military raids the Freeland. They destroy everything in their path with planes, guns, and bombs. Whit and Wisty decide to travel to the city where a witch named Mrs. Highsmith lives, they hope she will help them. Pg 291″Unless you have any better ideas, I think you and I need to go to Mrs. Highsmith’s,” she tells me. “She’s powerful.” Whit and Wisty think they can use Mrs. Highsmith to help them with all of the problems occuring.

Resolution: The resolution of The Gift takes place when Whit, Wisty, and The One have a fight of magic. The One defeats them with his powerful magic. He captures them and brings them to the Plaza to execute the entire Allgood family together. Pg 318 “There he is. So much larger than life, arms outstretched, eyes locked on us, dark suit impeccable. His mouth works furiously as he summons what appears to be a typhoon out of the sky, spinning toward us.” Pg 328 “I so want to burn up with hatred for this monster who has destroyed our life and is about to kill my entire family.” This book doesn’t have a positive resolution, because there will be more books in the Witch and Wizard series.

SSR Project: The Main Character

Title: The Gift

Author: James Patterson

# of pages: 333

Protagonist: Wisteria Allgood

External Characteristics:

 Wisty is an 8 year old witch, she can use magic, just like her brother. She has red-orange hair that ignites when she uses her magic. In the book,”At least you don’t have to worry about that witchy red color any longer,” Pg 62. She is in the New Order Resistance Group, so she has to shave her hair almost completely bald. In the book, “Apparently Emmet’s hack job on my head doesn’t fall into the same category”, Pg 62. Later in the book, (After Wisty’s hair grows back a tiny bit)  The One wants the power of her hair, so he makes her bald. Here’s where it says it in the book,” Helga takes the hot substance and sticky fabric strips and starts ripping the eighth-of-an-inch-long precious regrowth right from my skull”, Pg. 194.Wisty weighs a decent amount, and wears normal clothes, which usually get tattered from her adventures. Here’s what it says in the book,” I’ll never call her “Wispy” again, she’s growing up too fast. My back, my lungs…… hurt so much, I want to stop and throw up.” Pg 131.

Internal Characteristicts:

Adjective #1: Brave

Pg 288 “There’s a plane fewer than a hundred yards from flattening me, and I close my eyes and say the last line” Wisty is very brave to stay where she was standing, and to recite the spell even though there’s a plane about to kill her

Pg 195-196 “They bring Drummer Boy’s hand. On a platter. They force me to hold them, and by god they are real.” I can’t believe Wisty would hold her boy friend’s amputated hands, and not completely freak out. She is very brave to go through that.

Adjective #2: Strenghty

Pg 316 “Becoming hawks requires a lot more energy than changing into hummingbirds, but I’m filled with a charge and really let loose.” Wisty uses alot of strength and energy to morph her body into an animal.

Pg 311 “When my little sister flares up in anger, sometimes she’s just a regular, run-of-the-mill human torch with fire swirling all around her body, and you would definitely be well-advised not to shake her hand. Other times, though, she’s so bright and hot, it’s even hard to look at her. Like right now.” It takes Wisty an enormous amount of strength to turn herself into a human inferno.

Adjective #3: Defensive

Pg 289 “It’s totally, totally mindblowing. That was a real military battle, wasn’t it? We’re unarmed. And we won? A bunch of kids beat the N.O.?” Wisty and the other kids at Garfunkle’s are defensive to protect the Freeland of the New Order Military.

Pg 209 “As I take a flying leap towards the creature, all I’m thinking of is a tigress tackling a rabid jackal in the wilderness, concentrating on the sensation of claws pushing through my fingers, sharp enough to rip this horrid beast apart.” Wisty defends her parents from the creature by tackling and fighting it.

Adjective #4: Conjoined

Wisty is always with Whit or other very close friends.

Pg 322-323 “Take them away!” he bellows. “I have no further use for this witch and wizard.” …………………”We swirl around, only to be confronted by even more hordes of soldiers standing in the water.” Wisty is by Whit’s side as they go through this event.

Pg 80 …….”I say to Janine as she’s walking right beside me.” Wisty is with Whit’s friend Janine at the music festival, and they are walking very close together.


This morning, I woke up mysteriously in a jail cell. I have no clue on how I got their or where the jail is. All I know is, I woke up with 5 items in my pocket. I sat down and looked through them. There were my car keys, my cell phone, an empty can of soda, a  bag of chips, and my house keys. I look at my car keys and start to remember driving somewhere in the middle of the night. Then, I look at my cell phone, and remember texting and talking with my friend while I’m driving. I glance over at the can of Mountain Dew, I briefly remember drinking it, trying to fight counting sheep while I am driving. The last item is an empty bag of chips. I must have been hungry that late at night. I took my forearm and wiped my forehead of sweat. My arm came down with dry blood. Then it came back to me. I was texting on my phone and drinking Mountain Dew, when I wrecked my car into oncoming traffic. The woman in the other car was killed on the impact, and I was sent to jail for killing her. Now I have to spend my next 6 years in this jail of Pittsburg.

My Digital Footprint

Today I typed my name into Google to see what I find about me. First, I looked up my name with my town after it. I found articles from the newspaper about my baseball all-star team. The paper says very good things about my batting and pitching . It makes me proud of myself while I’m reading about the great preformances my team and I have done. I also found the roster of my U-16 soccer team.

Then, I searched my name without my town, I discovered many interesting facts. One of the articles says that a person with the same name as me was born in 1819 and died in 1891. I also learned that he had 8 kids! He was also in the military, and lived in Maryland. It’s very interesting to know about other people from the past that share their name with you.

My Top 5

My top 5 will be about my favorite animals. It’s going to be about animals, because they are my favorite subject on the planet.

Ranking at #1 is the Duck-Billed Platypus. The platypus is a wierd animal from Australia, it is one of three animals to lay eggs. The platypus is number 1, because it is such a wierd and interesting animal.

Coming in at #2 is the rare and majestic Amur Leopard . This big cat is the second rarest cat in the world, with just 40 remaining in the wild. They are endangered, because they are hunted for their warm and beutiful spotted coat. The Amur Leopard is ranked at number 2, because they are so rare and awesome animals.

#3 on my list goes to the Florida Panther. This animal is a subspecies of the mountain lion. It holds the sad title of rarest cat in the world with just 30 world wide. They were killed for their fur and for killing farmer’s livestock. The Florida Panther is ranked high, because of it’s rarity, abilities, and because I have seen one at Silver Springs Park in Florida.

Ranking in at number 4 is the Yangtze River Dolphin or Baiji. It is found only in the Yangtze River of Asia. They are the rarest mammal in the world, with numbers in the single digits. The Baiji is only ranked at number 4, because scientists think that the Baiji may be extinct.

Last, but certaintly not least, the animal at number 5 is the Pe’re David’s Deer. This deer was once abundant in the Chinese Empreror’s Garden. While the deer were there, a civilian named Sir Pe’re David observed and resorded info on the strange deer. All but 5 of the deer at the garden were killed for food, the remaining deer were sent to Europe’s Woodley Park for a breeding program to try and save the deer. The 5 deer produced enough offspring to narrowly escape extinction. The Pe’re David’s Deer has made an almost complete recovery with numbers in the low thousands. The deer is ranked at only #5, because they are now quite abundant acrossed the globe.


My Bucket List

There are many awesome things I want to do before I “kick the bucket”.

  1. The first thing I want to accomplish is, go to Australia and see a wild duck-billed platypus.
  2. Another thing I want to do is, get a large aquarium for my house.

    3. Also, I want to get a job as a conservation biologist.

    4. I want to have a pembroke welsh corgi when I grow up.

    5. Having a soft-shellled  turtle is another thing I want to have when I grow up.

    6. Visiting east Asia is another trip I want to accomplish.

   7. Being the goalie on the Littlestown high school soccer team is a goal that I really want to complete.

    8. I want to own a Ferrari Enzo when I grow up.

    9. I also want to go deep-sea fishing with my dad.

   10. Having a job as a zookeeper is a another goal for me to complete.