SSR Project: The Main Character

Title: The Gift

Author: James Patterson

# of pages: 333

Protagonist: Wisteria Allgood

External Characteristics:

 Wisty is an 8 year old witch, she can use magic, just like her brother. She has red-orange hair that ignites when she uses her magic. In the book,”At least you don’t have to worry about that witchy red color any longer,” Pg 62. She is in the New Order Resistance Group, so she has to shave her hair almost completely bald. In the book, “Apparently Emmet’s hack job on my head doesn’t fall into the same category”, Pg 62. Later in the book, (After Wisty’s hair grows back a tiny bit)  The One wants the power of her hair, so he makes her bald. Here’s where it says it in the book,” Helga takes the hot substance and sticky fabric strips and starts ripping the eighth-of-an-inch-long precious regrowth right from my skull”, Pg. 194.Wisty weighs a decent amount, and wears normal clothes, which usually get tattered from her adventures. Here’s what it says in the book,” I’ll never call her “Wispy” again, she’s growing up too fast. My back, my lungs…… hurt so much, I want to stop and throw up.” Pg 131.

Internal Characteristicts:

Adjective #1: Brave

Pg 288 “There’s a plane fewer than a hundred yards from flattening me, and I close my eyes and say the last line” Wisty is very brave to stay where she was standing, and to recite the spell even though there’s a plane about to kill her

Pg 195-196 “They bring Drummer Boy’s hand. On a platter. They force me to hold them, and by god they are real.” I can’t believe Wisty would hold her boy friend’s amputated hands, and not completely freak out. She is very brave to go through that.

Adjective #2: Strenghty

Pg 316 “Becoming hawks requires a lot more energy than changing into hummingbirds, but I’m filled with a charge and really let loose.” Wisty uses alot of strength and energy to morph her body into an animal.

Pg 311 “When my little sister flares up in anger, sometimes she’s just a regular, run-of-the-mill human torch with fire swirling all around her body, and you would definitely be well-advised not to shake her hand. Other times, though, she’s so bright and hot, it’s even hard to look at her. Like right now.” It takes Wisty an enormous amount of strength to turn herself into a human inferno.

Adjective #3: Defensive

Pg 289 “It’s totally, totally mindblowing. That was a real military battle, wasn’t it? We’re unarmed. And we won? A bunch of kids beat the N.O.?” Wisty and the other kids at Garfunkle’s are defensive to protect the Freeland of the New Order Military.

Pg 209 “As I take a flying leap towards the creature, all I’m thinking of is a tigress tackling a rabid jackal in the wilderness, concentrating on the sensation of claws pushing through my fingers, sharp enough to rip this horrid beast apart.” Wisty defends her parents from the creature by tackling and fighting it.

Adjective #4: Conjoined

Wisty is always with Whit or other very close friends.

Pg 322-323 “Take them away!” he bellows. “I have no further use for this witch and wizard.” …………………”We swirl around, only to be confronted by even more hordes of soldiers standing in the water.” Wisty is by Whit’s side as they go through this event.

Pg 80 …….”I say to Janine as she’s walking right beside me.” Wisty is with Whit’s friend Janine at the music festival, and they are walking very close together.

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